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Atlas N3

Product features 8.4 TFT visual screen, face design interface; • Tidal gas range 10 to 1500 ml; • Gas source flow meter 6; • Aluminum alloy; • BY-Pass design for replacement of soda lime; • Full breathing mode for newborns, children and adults; • Integrated circuits, integrated heating systems and condensation reduction; • ACGO function.


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Atlas N3

Détails du produit

Class N3


• 8-inch TFT color display (optional 12 inch touch screen)
• Clear interface design.
• Breathing capacity 10-1500 ml.
• Up to 6 metering tubes for 3 gases.
• Polybenzenesulfonic acid/metal materials in the respiratory system.
• Natural lime tank bypass technology.
• All ventilation modes required by newborns, children and adults.
• Built in breathing circuit and heater.
• High visibility. Port (ACGO) additional fresh gas output.
Respiratory circuit is also applicable to pediatrics
High pressure metal and polystyrene materials.
It has stable sealing property.
Visual observation of bellows.
Respiratory system with upward or downward bellows.



Excellent CO2 absorber


The carbon dioxide absorber is designed for single hand operation.
Bypass development ensures safe replacement of natural lime tanks during operation. On line detection tank.
High pressure polyphenylsulfonic acid material (up to 134 ° C)



High precision ventilator


Fresh gas meeting requirements and leakage compensation
Standby, manual/automatic, CPAP, PSV, HLM and manual ventilation modes
Warn about improper installation of respiratory system and lime jar.


Large working face


Two way guide for patient monitor, bracket and syringe (optional).
Stainless steel material can withstand any chemical bactericide
LED lamp is used for lighting the working surface.



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